1. slacker// status

    I turn 24 in 21 days.

    I’ve been living with my brother, his gf, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and me for the past 3 weeks.

    I can’t wait to move into my new Apartment!!! (…like seriously, stoked.)

    I have learned a lot to be where I am today.

    Be Patient,
    Try Harder,
    Do Harder,
    challenge…..//?! (HIMYM ;NPH)
    Never give up.

    I am so happy for once in my life.

    and damn it was tough.


  2. :)


    The support and patience that my family and friends have given me has finally paid off.

    I was offered a full time position for a great company that I couldn’t be more proud to represent and can’t wait to be a great asset to them.

    I am finally stepping my foot into my career and I am so excited.

    This is my year and I made it my year.
    only because its the year of the dragon!!


  3. reso…lu..tion

    this is 4 days late yes i know, but I’ve been nonstop busy and didn’t event think about a resolution.

    My resolution last year was to move. that did not happen.

    My resolution this year, is to really focus on myself and be happy. Surround myself by good people forget the bad and move forward to my future. Work my butt off and stay healthy. I really want to focus on myself this year and get my mind back on track and stay focus to not let anything get in the way.




  4. i want to know your plans.


    i’d like to get a more secure job where I can fully extend my knowledge and experience by excelling in a new position. Doing so, I will need to move soon.

    Heres my plan of action. 6 months from now to saving, taking a risk and moving to a city. Finding a job and staying there for 2-4 years.

    After doing so, I’d like to move to a small town, save money and built capital to open my own boutique store. Starting off with selling womens clothing targeted towards women 18-40.

    With that aside I’d like to open another business to expand my marketing and PR experience to be able to provide and event planning business that integrates a linen company.

    It’s going to happen.

    I’m going to make it happen. I’ve had experience in all of these fields and its what and where I find myself more passionate and love to do for a living.

    Here’s the thing, I need to save a lot of money.


  5. holy crap I havent’ been on tumblr in over a month.

    Ridiculously busy.

    So I had 3 jobs, I quit one of them and have recently now picked up more freelance work.

    Working the Fashion week in my city, working on some remote projects for some companys in NYC.

    Everything’s turning out a little better.

  7. Frisbee League! Woo! We made playoffs.

    2 games tomorrow morning!