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  2. refresh

    k ok k. Im back. Back in my digital grooves. Traditional mktg was getting a little rough. I need a refresh.

  3. Logan Square :) (Taken with Instagram)


  4. slacker// status

    I turn 24 in 21 days.

    I’ve been living with my brother, his gf, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and me for the past 3 weeks.

    I can’t wait to move into my new Apartment!!! (…like seriously, stoked.)

    I have learned a lot to be where I am today.

    Be Patient,
    Try Harder,
    Do Harder,
    challenge…..//?! (HIMYM ;NPH)
    Never give up.

    I am so happy for once in my life.

    and damn it was tough.


  5. :)


    The support and patience that my family and friends have given me has finally paid off.

    I was offered a full time position for a great company that I couldn’t be more proud to represent and can’t wait to be a great asset to them.

    I am finally stepping my foot into my career and I am so excited.

    This is my year and I made it my year.
    only because its the year of the dragon!!


  6. In exactly one week, I will be in Chicago and NYC for a week. :) I’m excited and nervous! But glad to get away from Home for a bit!

    Cross my fingers. X

  7. 7sobm:

    God this is true.  7

  10. k looks like im sipping on tea and pepper

    (via health-heaven)